10 Best Business Apps to Get You Up and Running (from free and upwards)

G Suite 

G Suite is Google’s cloud business suite. Set up emails, and calendars for your team, get your own dedicated domain name, create and collaborate easily with Google Docs and get free 1TB of storage for  all your files. This complete package is an all in one business solution and from £3.50 per user per month.


One of the challenges with deploying a good social media strategy is the time it takes to post/repost things across all your platforms. There are a few good social media sharing platforms out there, but Buffer is by far my favourite; spend 20 minutes scheduling your posts for the day and let it run itself. Their free plan is great and allows to connect four different social media platforms.


Design not one of your many talents? Canva is a brilliantly easy tool to create stunning designs and documents for social media and presentations. Canva boasts lots of free images and icons and allows to get professional looking designs together in minutes. Again, their free package does enough for me.


If you need to do a presentation and want to get away from boring old Powerpoint – Prezzi allows to create interesting and engaging presentations with a more animated edge. Again, their free package does a great job and they have great videos and support to help you get started really easily.


Unsplash is a great website that allows you to download (and use for free) some very trendy stock high quality images. Ideal for your website and if you are a keen photographer you can also contribute some of your own work for people to enjoy.


I use Evernote religiously. Evernote is a  tool to allow to make lists, dump your thoughts, clip stuff from web page. The best thing is that you can access your Evernote on all your devices, so you can carry your ideas around in your pocket and splurge them into Evernote whenever you like and even share them with your friends. The basic tariff starts from free.


A pretty obvious one, but so beneficial for communication. Chat with your team in group chats, share your screens, send documents to each other. Skype does start from free, but its also good to stick £10 on the account and it’s fairly reasonable rates to call most landline numbers all over the world


Mailchimp is a well known email marketing platform. It allows you to create professional style email campaigns with ease. Manage your email subscribers  There’s loads of great analytic tools to help you see who is engaging with your campaigns the most. Their “forever free” plan allows you to add up to 2000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails a month. Great value!


Active Campaign is a more sophisticated email marketing solution. It does everything Mailchimp can, except it allows you to set timed and automated email campaigns. It has a built in CRM and sales tracking which allows you to really track those conversions from your email campaigns.

Again, starts from free but definitely worth the small investment for the marketing automation side.


Pretty much all the apps I have recommended are available in Zapier. Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect apps together. Connect Google Forms with Mailchimp to capture new subscribers, add opportunities to your CRM via Google sheets. The possibilities are endless. It takes some configuring but its worth it to have your most frequently used business apps talking to each other. Again….guess what? Starts from free. Give it a whirl




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