Why your small business needs a blog

Does your company absolutely need a blog? Well technically no, but should it have one? Without a doubt! Having a blog on your website is essential to making the most of all the marketing tools at your disposal and can make huge difference to your online presence.

Here’s why I think every small business should have a blog:

It gives you something to share

If you are creating regular updates on your blog you’ll always have something to share on your social media pages and you can post it more than once (as long as it’s not time sensitive).

It brings traffic to your website

The more you post and share the higher likelihood of getting more visitors from your efforts. You’ll also have more pages for search engines to index which equals more traffic potential. Plus unlike a social media post, which has disappeared from sight and mind within hours (depending on what channel you’re on), the blog posts you’ve written will continue to draw traffic long after they’ve been published.

Gives you a chance to answer questions

Your content should be centred around the most commonly asked questions in your niche, that way your blog posts will always be providing value to your customers, which will make you a more trusted brand.

Search engines like it

Well technically search engines like new material that is posted regularly. Googles knows when you post something new on your site and blogs are a fab way to add new content quickly and easily. The more posts, the more Google “juice” which is improve your SEO and makes it more likely you’ll be found online by your audience.

You get to show off

A blog gives you the opportunity to show that you are an expert in your field, people purchase products based on trust and the more you demonstrate what you know, the more customers will trust you. Using a blogging platform to showcase your knowledge can help move your prospective customer from research to purchasing.

Encourages people to come back

If your website is static or things are rarely changed on it then once visitors have what they need they are unlikely to return. However if you add a blog post that is updated on a regular basis then they will have a reason to come back to your site.

Helps build a mailing list

Mailing lists are an amazing asset to any business and a blog is the perfect place to get people to sign up. You can add signup forms to your initial blog page, scattered throughout your posts, your sidebar and you could also choose a non-annoying pop up form (yes, they do exist).

There are so many other reasons for having a blog on your website but these are the top ones in my opinion. Whatever you thoughts on blogs, they are an incredible marketing tool that every business could benefit from.


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  1. Succinctly stated post.


  2. Gina says:

    I just wrote a similar post of why small businesses and entrepreneurs should blog! Something people dismiss or don’t see the value in. Yes, it can take time, and requires scheduling to not become a ghost-town, but the benefits far outweigh that.

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