Everyday I’m (side)-hustlin’..

So, as well as Her Digital I have a full-time career in enterprise technology services. I also run another side-hustle – a music lifestyle brand that hosts a monthly event and also a T shirt line. As well as all this, I also have an FM radio show and volunteer for my local Young Enterprise scheme, I’d say I’m pretty busy and I bet you are too. Here are my tips for managing your extra curriculars.

Respect your day job – This is your full-time bread and butter, so treat it with respect. You’re paid to be there, so fully commit to your work week. This means no side-hustling/taking side-hustle calls, answering side-hustle emails in your work time. Don’t forget you’re a boss too…how would you feel if you were paying someone to not do their work?

Commutes and lunch breaks are your friend – Aside from the above (and on the assumption you take lunch), you should make the most of your lunch breaks and commutes. I spend time setting up my blog posts, scheduling social media, following up on emails etc. Micro-tasks that can take up to 20 minutes will put you a foot forward when you’re managing many things.

Schedule like a Mo-Fo – Hardcore time management is the key. My evenings Monday to Friday are broken down into one hour slots where I have dedicated time slots to move my projects forward. This also includes items like housekeeping, dog walking and most importantly – time for myself.

Automate – We live in the technological age – make it work for you. Setting up automated processes like scheduling social media posts, making the most of automated email responders and campaigns can allow your business to run behind the scenes independently of you.

Process management – Okay, so this is where I get really nerdy. I get a kick out of finding the most efficient way of performing a specific task, timing myself doing it, then refining it. I do it for almost every process in my life, my work, my business, my beauty regime, my morning routine, household chores; the lot. Start by making a list of all the steps that are required to perform a particular task and how long they take, identify time wastage, remove steps and refine that task to within an inch of its life. Not only will you have found the quickest way of doing a thing, but you will also have pinpoint focus while doing it.

For lordy’s sake and most importantly, please don’t burn out or put yourself under too much pressure. One thing that made my life a lot happier was telling myself it’s okay to let things slide for a day, or that I really didn’t need to go to my mate’s dogs birthday party (this actually happened). Your time is your time, so go schedule yourself a nap!

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  1. crownoflaurelsdot says:

    Loved this! I can resonate with this in so many ways…keep up the good work 🙂


    1. Her Digital says:

      Thank you, we’ll try!


  2. This is awesome thank you for sharing! Learning that it is ok to have a day off is still my biggest challenge…like I’m writing this comment on a Saturday night!


    1. Her Digital says:

      We know the struggle! Glad you found it helpful

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