5 Facebook posts to boost engagement

Creating content for Facebook isn’t always easy and sometimes you can feel like you’ve got stuck in a rut with it all. Which is the perfect time to switch things up!

Here are our top 5 types of Facebook posts that anyone can do…..

The Quote Post

Everyone loves a good quote! Typical quotes include general holiday ones (Christmas, Valentine ’s Day etc.), days of the week (Mondays suck, Happy Hump Day, TGIF) and of course inspirational quotes (a personal favourite of ours).

The Question Post

Get your audience involved by asking questions on Facebook. It’s a fab way of increasing engagement and making your followers feel like their opinions matter, not to mention a great way to get feedback to use in new products or future posts.

The Branded Post

You should all be doing this already but just in case you’re not; make sure you’re creating branded posts for any content you share from you website. This can easily be done using website like Canva.

The Shared Post

Don’t hog the limelight; share other people’s content. Not only will it encourage people to engage but you might end up making a new friend who is also willing to share your work.

The Video Post

Video killed the radio star….it did indeed. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, now is the time, they don’t have to be very long and they can really boost you Facebook stats. So bury that camera shyness and start filming.

Did we miss off a type of Facebook post that you’ve seen success with? Let us know in the comments.

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