We’re starting a YouTube channel & you should too!

We’re starting a YouTube channel! We have the camera, the lights and other equipment has been ordered and we’ve commandeered the attic room in my house to use as a studio.

It’s probably something you’ve thought of yourself and wondered whether it’s worth the investment and generally speaking the answer is yes.

What is it? (As if you need to be told)

Not only is YouTube a social media platform is also a very popular search engine, hosting site and a great community site. What’s not to love?

What can YouTube do for you?                 

If you create the right content for your audience you can increase brand awareness, brand trust, brand recall and your brand’s reputation. Your potential customers will have a better opportunity to get to know you in a highly positive light that you have control over (apart from trolls, no one has control over them, unfortunately).

Social Media

It also works perfectly with other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, as they all integrate YouTube embeds into their frameworks. This allows people to watch videos in their feed without having to leave which ever social channel they are currently enjoying. Pretty cool right?


Another massive plus point for small businesses is that if you’re running PPC campaigns you’ll be able to remarket to people who watched your video with ads across the Google Display Network and on YouTube itself.


If you want more coverage and links from high authority publication sites the video news releases are the way to go and YouTube is the ideal platform since almost everyone is familiar with how it works and most people are happy to use YouTube videos on their websites.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what YouTube can do for your brand but hopefully you get the general idea.

So should you follow suit and create your own YouTube channel? If your customers or the influential people in your niche are watching videos then you should probably have a channel.

If any of you lovely people already have YouTube channels, then leave your links in the comments, we’d love to see what you’re up to!

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