5 things we learned at the B2B Marketing Conference.

So a few weeks ago Her Digital spent a few days knocking around the London ExCel at the world’s biggest marketing conference. Our intention was to pick up on what the top marketers are thinking and doing in 2017. So here we are, sharing what we learned with you guys….

Account Based Marketing (ABM) was a hot topic – This is a strategic B2B practice of targeting not just a specific audience, but a specific individual customer that has been defined by a company’s market intelligence. This type of activity is usually employed at enterprise level when seeking higher value clients, therefore making it highly sophisticated and costly. An example of ABM is the use of highly personalised messaging on landing pages/website and other content based on reverse IP addresses to capture the attention of a specific customer.  Visit DemandBase for more information.

Sometimes the onus on marketing could be to save money rather than make money – Do you work in marketing? Always feel like you are constantly having to justify your existence? Finding it hard to get the C-Suite to buy in? Start looking at marketing from the perspective of reducing the cost of customer acquisition and retention, as opposed to how many leads you are generating.

We were reminded that social must be social – It’s easy to forget that your social media accounts are not for just throwing your products and services in front of people. Sometimes we are all so consumed with sharing posts, that we actually forget to use social to connect with people. C’mon throw those @ signs up!

You can make your website work harder very easily – Raja Saggi, Head of B2B Marketing for Google gave a great keynote speech on digital best practices for B2B Marketers. The advice was mainly centred on how you should present your website and focus on the user, rather than just design and content. His tips were:

  1. Do one thing really really well – make this the first visible thing on your website
  2. Always build for mobile
  3. Think about these three steps in order to actively engage your website visitor:
    1. Attention: Visual design comes into play here, make sure your user can easily identify where the call to actions are (using contrasting colours).
    2. Influence: Create “social proof” by using testimonials and ratings
    3. Action: Less is more when it comes to calls for action. Make your forms short and communicate with the user on how far down the process they are i.e: “You’re two steps away from ….X”

Positioning yourself as a thought-leader is still all about content – We picked up the following tips from Nick Watts (Digital Doughnut) about thought leadership and the content you should be focussing on:

  1. Your content should be based on solid industry knowledge
  2. Keep an acute awareness of industry events and trends
  3. Show a deep understanding of customer issues
  4. Offer actual solutions to their problems in your content
  5. Follow your competitors
  6. But be different
  7. A great content title is worth 1000 words
  8. Headline what’s coming next
  9. Don’t use jargon
  10. If using stats and numbers in your content – make sure they are telling a clear story

We hope that some of this advice we have extracted from this two-day event will be useful to you. We look forward to bringing you further content from upcoming conventions…


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