Yawwnnn….. Cyber security tips..zzzzz

Alright, I know this subject is the driest and dullest and the least sexy out of all blog posts ever, but we work in the digital industries and we have really have to take notice of this stuff…

6 Productivity killers & how to beat them

Procrastination is the thief of time. I once used to be magpie-like, easily distracted and a wild procrastinator – until I decided to study for a law degree while working full time. it took a few years to realise why I was barely hitting deadlines until I identified what my issue was – I was victim to these productivity killers….

How to fall in love with your job again

Jobs and careers – very much like relationships, have a honeymoon period. That wonderful feeling of passion and buzz where you can’t bear to be apart can soon subside into that “warts and all” feeling of comfortableness before the inevitable slump of loathing and indifference….

6 killer networking tips

If you are starting a business from scratch, launching a new product or wanting to grow your project – networking is a key skill. …

Tools to help you reach your 2017 goals

Okay, so we’re midway through January and you may have been feeling a little deflated that those resolutions are already slipping out of sight. However, have no fear, we have some great tools that can help you get right back on track….

Why are Women Afraid of Self-Promotion?

So many women have a problem self-promotion, whether it’s on their CV, in interviews, meetings or just in our general day to day lives. It’s like we’re afraid to say “hey I did something cool”. Why is that? We want to be liked The sad truth is we don’t want to be seen as a…

How to Deal with Sexism in the Workplace

This definitely not a topic that I thought I would need to write about in 2016, but here we are… Apparently, some men (and women) out there still have not got the message that this type of behaviour is not ok. This includes calling someone sweetheart or any other variation, making inappropriate comments or jokes,…