We’re starting a YouTube channel & you should too!

It’s probably something you’ve thought of yourself and wondered whether it’s worth the investment and generally speaking the answer is yes.

Yawwnnn….. Cyber security tips..zzzzz

Alright, I know this subject is the driest and dullest and the least sexy out of all blog posts ever, but we work in the digital industries and we have really have to take notice of this stuff…

Pros & cons of being an entrepreneur

Most people have dreamt of being self-employed at one point or another but how many of us actually know the truth about becoming an entrepreneur?

6 Productivity killers & how to beat them

Procrastination is the thief of time. I once used to be magpie-like, easily distracted and a wild procrastinator – until I decided to study for a law degree while working full time. it took a few years to realise why I was barely hitting deadlines until I identified what my issue was – I was victim to these productivity killers….

How to nail your branding

Branding is way more than just having good name and cool logo, it can actually be a huge asset to your company or blog. It’s not just a few small design bits, your brand is you and that should come across in every element of what you do!…

How to define your target audience

Finding the right audience should be at the top of your list as a small business owner, entrepreneur or blogger, after all without them you’re just shouting aimlessly into the giant black hole that is the internet. So yeah….it’s pretty important.

6 killer networking tips

If you are starting a business from scratch, launching a new product or wanting to grow your project – networking is a key skill. …